Messages of Support for Edward Snowden

"Ed, I'm On Your Side"

In December 2016, we asked people to submit short messages explaining why they support Edward Snowden. On International Human Rights Day (December 10), we projected many of those messages onto the side of building in Washington, D.C. A selection appears below.

Due to an overwhelming number of messages of support we received, we weren’t able to display all of them on our site. We're still poring through them, and will include as many as possible in a book we'll be packaging to give to Ed directly.

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Ed didn't just warn us of the threats posed by government power in the wrong hands. He acted, at great personal risk, to deliver that warning. -Chris
Thank you for the exceptional sacrifice you made. I hope and pray you get come home and continue to serve conscientiously for the citizens of this modern world. -Dani
To do what you did and expose truth is what being a true patriot and American is all about. Thank you, Edward Snowden. -Justin
Thank you, fellow American brother, for risking yourself to save us and warn us. You are a true American hero! -Sakeia
Pardon Snowden! Protect whistleblowers! Thanks for standing up for what's right! -BrendaLee
You are so brave to continue risking your life and freedom for us, the people, and our access to information that is imperative for the protection of our civil liberties. -Caroline
Edward Snowden acted with courage and a heartfelt desire to improve the country and the world. Because of his actions we are and will become a more conscious, more caring people. -Devin
The US must Pardon Snowden because he has worked and stood up for our greater good. The world has benefitted. Let him go home. -Helen
It's time to do the right thing and pardon Edward Snowden! He spoke out to guarantee the continuation of true free speech! Please pardon him now and demonstrate to he world that the USA truly respects the right of free speech! -Mel
Thank you so much for your bravery and what you did to contribute to the basic rights of people not just in America, but all over the world.
Individuals who stand up to institutional wrongdoing are essential. They deserve our support, not punishment! -Lou
Thank you for your selfless act of service on behalf of the American people. I pray for your safety, peace, and for the opportunity to come home soon. -Jennifer
Without people like you, the government would be able to do whatever they want and get away with it. You are a great inspiration to others and I truly hope you get pardoned. -Ashley
Any government that governs on secrecy, that spies on its citizens, is NOT a democracy by any stretch of the imagination. You are a true American hero and your service to our country, the United States of America, should be lauded, not vilified! #PardonSnowden. -Lisa
Edward Snowden has demonstrated tremendous courage and put his life on the line to unveil the U.S. government's illegal surveillance of the American people. All charges against Mr. Snowden should be dropped immediately. -David
Ed Snowden is a national hero to expose the NSA and its underhanded assault on Americans' right to privacy. -Teri
You have earned the People's Peace Prize already. History will absolve you - sooner rather than later. Stay strong!!! -Bill
Few people have knowingly put their life on the line in the interest of doing the right thing, like Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden is truly an American hero and an example to people around the world. -Ken
We cannot hold a citizen to a higher standard than we hold our government. That a whistleblower, revealing government wrongdoing on a massive scale should continue to be a criminal outcast, is a paradox that must be remedied. While David Petraeus walks free after sharing classified information of a higher level and may, in fact, be appointed to an important position in government, Snowden remains a fugitive.
You brought crucial information before the American people, out of honest conviction and at great cost to yourself. Rarely has an individual person shared so important a truth, despite suppression by the greatest of powers. Encouraged by your revelations, I have become an actively involved citizen. --Kit Arbuckle (Okanogan, WA)
Thanks for having the courage to stand up for the freedoms we enjoy in the free world. -Carl
With an unprecedented new administration taking power, transparency is now more important than ever before. -Eric
Your courage and integrity are a model for all of us. Only someone who loves this country would take the steps you did fully aware of the potential (and now real) costs to yourself. -Pat
When the public freedom is at risk, there is always someone who rose to the occasion, to risk his/her own freedom to protect the public interest. You are one of them. To my eyes, you are a hero. Even though I cannot thank you enough for what you did, I still like to say thank you. Wishing you a great holiday season! -Jessica
Yes - support whistleblowers forever. Democracy cannot survive without them. -Alexandra
Mr. Snowden's selfless service to the ideals of openness and democracy is so moving. I've sent repeated petitions for his pardon, and hope that this year, at long last, he will have the best Christmas ever - in freedom. -Barbara
I'm just grateful for true heroism in this dark time, and your actions demonstrate that quality. Thank you! -Mary
Sometimes the most moral decisions are the hardest ones to make, and that's why Edward Snowden is a great example of an American hero. -Omar
As a Quaker, I cannot tell you how important it is that we each act nonviolently based on conscience. As a U.S. citizen, I consider you a hero. -John
Edward Snowden's courageous actions benefitted each of our 300 million citizens and spurred an important debate. -Frank
You were willing to sacrifice yourself for the people of this nation to know the truth, and for that, we are deeply, profoundly thankful. -Amanda
As a journalist at a Financial Times publication, I had the U.K.'s National Union of Journalists tell the U.S. and U.K. to stop eroding whistleblower protections. -Anthony
Edward's outstanding example of personal sacrifice shames me for not having done more to stop governmental inroads into our everyday lives. It is with the deepest admiration that I say "Thank you son, well done." - Dave
As an information security professional, my first responsibility is to protect society and the common good. Ed Snowden is my heroic comrade. -David
Thank you for your courage of conscience and for all that you've sacrificed and accomplished to create a better informed citizenry and a more just world. -Matt
Snowden has proved that there are still people willing not just to stand against tyranny, but to act against it. -Ian
True patriotism: speaking up when your government loses its moral compass. -Frank
Ed, I'm on your side. You're a hero and an example of what it means to be an American. Thank you for making such an incredible sacrifice in order that we might move a bit more toward the truth. -Tess
You are a very brave and responsible person. The world is a better place because of you. -Mary
Because of you I know to close my computer at night so the government can't watch me. Thank you for exposing the truth. -Elly
For your selfless act of courage in exposing the truth of our lying government, you should be honored by the entire country and the world. Along with millions, I, Bonnie, thank you and wish you well in your struggle. -Bonnie
Yours is the loudest and bravest in a chorus of voices shouting "NO!" to a future of unlimited surveillance. Thank you! -Chris
Sometimes democracy requires a brave person to let everyone know of something that is not constitutional. -Anthony
We owe our allegiance not to the people in power, but to the values those in power swore to protect. Edward Snowden understood that. -Crosby
Thank you for having the courage to speak up and do the right thing. This is the kind of courage in which our country was founded. -Steven
Thank you Ed, for standing up to the powers-that-be and exposing the truth. As we all can see today, the truth is more important than ever. -Melissa
If we lose our core liberties in our fight against others, we have lost the very thing we are fighting for. Thank you Ed. -David
Snowden for President -Anthony
You have my strongest admiration. Be safe. -Sue (ex-HSBC whistleblower)
You are a model of integrity, daring, risk, conviction, intelligence, sanity. And you have inspired millions of people with your courageous good works. -Gordon
In the 60s, my high school tried to stop the student newspaper staff from writing about Vietnam. Free speech, revealing lies and truth - how could Ed be considered anything but a hero? -Mercedes
This is time when the government has a low level of credibility in terms of trust. Anyone who works to increase accountability/credibility deserves a medal, not a prosecution. -Matt
I stand with Edward as he took a stand for us. Snowden is the epitome of public service. He makes me proud to be an American. Pardon him. -Major Rick
Know that in the hearts of people with moral ethics, critical awareness, respect for democracy and justice as well as a fervent love for their country, you are a true American hero, a guardian of democracy, who shall never be forgotten! Respect! -Genny Lim,
San Franciso Jazz Poet Laureate"
What you did, Edward Snowden, used to be celebrated when I was young. Now it's vilified. That says a lot about our culture and level of education. You're a hero in my book.
Cowardice is pernicious but courage is infectious. Thanks to Snowden for reminding us all to do right even when it's hard. -Bill
Thank you for your sacrifice on behalf of the people of the Democratic world. Without people like you there is no democracy. -Janet
Ed, your conscience and courage inspire me to act selflessly in my life. Thank you for your example & sacrifice. - Randy
As a veteran I put my life on the line for freedom as you did; thank you for making the right choice. -David
Leaders all speak to us of truth, justice, fairness and honesty. Snowden has stood for these values with brave dignity. -Linda
Snowden turned on the light when we were all stuck in the dark. -Jenny
We will ensure history does not forget what side you were on. You are a hero of mine and a hero of many. -David
He did the right thing in spite of the personal cost. The people deserved to know. -Krysia
You fought for our freedom when no one else would, even if that meant sacrificing yourself in the process. -Kevin
You have set a higher standard for all of us government employees. Thank you! - STJ
Edward Snowden is not a spy. He is a brave whistle blower who exposed widespread invasions of privacy by the government. I believe he is a hero and so do most Americans! -Mary
His heroism has yielded a vital public debate about technology, surveillance and privacy. #PardonSnowden -James
Thank you for being courageous and good, in a world where it's easy to be complacent and silent. Thank you for standing up for all of us. -River
Whistleblowers are GOOD for the country. -Theresa
You are a true hero Edward. Thank you for your courage and continued determination. - Rosan
You are our hero, Ed. Never never never never give up. -S
Mr. Snowden should be welcomed home to a country that has been enlightened as a result of his bold deeds. -Randy
Stay strong. History will absolve you. Until then, you have support and protection of millions. -David
I believe in you. -Shirley
Thanks for opening our eyes. -Terri
Every American has a right to know when his country has has acted against the basic rights it was founded on. -Adam
We need smart and committed Americans like Mr. Snowden in America. Pardon him now.
Thank you for your act of conscience. I now realize and recognize how fragile our freedoms may be! -Anita
History will count you as a hero. I hope our government will at least pardon you. Take courage! -Austin
Edward Snowden enhanced civil liberties with his courageous action. He deserves to be pardoned. -Bill
When I think of modern day patriots, I think of people like you. -Richard
Transparency and checks and balances are the mainstays of a viable political system. For this, we thank you. Whistleblowing is not a crime. -Janet
Your sacrifice brought to public attention a creeping threat to all our freedoms. We owe you. -Matthew
I'm a 69-year-old vet and applaud your guts, we owe you lots and let's hope you can come home to your family and friends. -Casey
This country was founded on liberty. Thank you for trying to remind us what that means. I hope we start doing better. -Philip
As a father I am thankful you have made a better world for my children; thank you for making the right choice for them. -David
Letting the world know what the secrecy/surveillance agents were and are doing was a great service to mankind. -Linda
At the time, it may have seemed to you like just the right thing to do. But it was not just right, it was heroic. Thank you.
I did military intelligence myself, and whereas I didn't come across anything important, I'm glad you spoke up when you saw something that the public should be holding the government accountable for.
Pardon Snowden and prosecute the ones who authorized and ordered the spying he exposed which betrays us and our constitution. Thank you Ed!
Pardon Snowden. Why you ask? He did the right and ethical thing. He did the Americans a service for bringing the spying to the forefront. -Patti
Edward Snowden is a true hero who did not put his own safety first. He was bringing to light the United States government's criminal acts that could harm us all and set a dangerous example to the rest of the world. -Jill
Mr. Snowden, Thank you for being an advocate not only for privacy but more importantly, safety. -Jami
I am filled with admiration for your courage, intelligence, and integrity. Thank you. -Leila
A man who tells the truth can not be judged by those who lied. Edward Snowden is a free man. -Peter
Without Snowden we suspected but we didn't know concretely NSA was spying on everyone though Pat Act & FISA implied. -Wendy
Snowden is a hero not a criminal. -Paul
Yes, he should be pardoned and welcomed home! Give him a policy or journalism job where he can continue to be effective. We owe him!!! -Charlotte
thanks for warning us, I am so sorry, ashamed really, that you have been treated this way. onward, never give up -Canary
I believe Snowden is a true patriot. -Anne
I just want to thank you for your bravery. You did the right thing, at great personal cost. You are the true definition of a patriot. -Pattie
Edward Snowden is a patriot who acted because he saw that our government was violating the Constitution. He acted in the best interest of the country and should unquestionably be pardoned. -Eric
Ed, Thank you for taking great risks to bring crucial information before the public -Jake
Thank you, Ed! -Sara
You deserve to be pardoned for your courageous act. Thank you for bringing to the light this egregious act by the N.S.A. -Jeffrey
He's a hero not a criminal. -Tom
Thank you for risking your freedom to alert us to danger from the government.
The services you performed are extremely important to the U.S. and other countries around the world. -Gary
I hope you get back home soon. Best wishes for a Happy Christmas. -Adele
I am grateful for your integrity and courage. I wish Obama would see that, he has no political reason not to. -Harry
You are a fine example to follow, if one dares. you have my admiration! -Borje
Thanks for standing up for us all! -Emilye
Edward Snowden shed much needed light on a conspiracy of silence that our government was using against us. He is a very brave man who deserves his freedom. -
We the people need to know when the government is not acting in our interest. Thank you for telling us, Ed. -Amanda
Ed, you exposed what I knew in my heart my government is doing to it's citizens. You are incredibly brave and I am very grateful! - Glenn
Please Pardon Snowden. He deserves to be free. - Susan
Snowden is the picture of a true patriot. - Caitlyn
We especially need Snowden, and people like him, now, in these scary political times. - Jean
Please know that millions of people are grateful to you and admire you, though they can't express it. History will judge. - Amy
Your selfless act of courage, which risked physical harm and your own life, for the sake of others' freedom is truly inspirational - Kelly
I have the utmost respect and honor for all that you have done for each of us here in the US and elsewhere. -Becky
You were (and continue to be) sufficiently courageous to take a stand against authoritarianism. - Lois
You stood up and took fire for all of our freedoms. That's a true hero. You deserve to come home safely. - Margaret
This is for ourselves and the future generation who deserve to know what's going on in OUR world. - Miranda
Exposing war crimes should not be a crime itself. Edward Snowdon is an American hero who deserves a pardon and a medal. - Mark
I support the pardon of Snowden. He has my support and respect. -Paula
We must be True to the Truth and you have been a wonderful example of that. Thanks for your sacrifice for us and US. -Bruce
Thank you for doing what is right and standing up for us all! God bless you and I hope and pray you are pardoned! -Veronica
Thank you, Edward Snowden, for shedding light on the illegal surveillance operations of the US government. -Helen
I think you have much to offer this world. -Theresa
He did this for us. Now you, too, can stand up for freedom and pardon Edward Snowden! -Betty
I support Edward because he has committed an act of conscience for the good of all. -Stefano
Thank you for having the courage to expose government abuse at such great personal risk. Without individuals like you our democracy would not function at its best. - Cynthia
Acting from the heart is the only way to live successfully. Your bravery is an inspiration. -Anthony
I would like to believe that I would have the courage and sense of love for my fellow citizen that YOU possessed if I were to find myself in the same situation and predicament. -James
It took a tremendous amount of courage to expose the government's unconstitutional and illegal bulk spying on Americans. I would not have that courage. -Larry
I appreciate what you have done, and believe the over reaction by those in our government is an example of the failures in our justice system. -William
Thank you for sharing the information with the American people. You are a true patriot and I love you for sticking up for the common man. -Kaye
You are a true patriot and hero, Ed. -John
Edward Snowden risked a great deal and gave up a life most would envy to expose governmental overreach and illegal activities. America needs to encourage whistleblowers at all levels of corporate and government employment. -Susan
Thank You Mr. Snowden very much. It is a shame the way the U.S.A. is treating you after all you have done. -Jerry
You are a true hero. We need more people like you who are willing to stand up to power. Thank you for showing us how to do that. -Kathryn
Ed performed an incredibly courageous and crucial public service. He deserves nothing less than amnesty - and a medal to boot. -Cody
I want to thank you Ed for being so much braver and having more honor and honesty than our government. -Diane
Pardon Snowden. -Guillermo
What you did was clearly not motivated by anything other than the benefit of all of us.
You are brilliant and brave and what you did was a true act of selflessness. -Krista"
You are a hero. Thank you.
Stay strong Ed. Keep doing the right thing and speaking your mind. No matter what they say, you are our hero - the hero we need. I think about what you did for our country and what it has revealed to us every day. Whenever you are even a little bit afraid to say what you feel needs to be said, at the right time, know that no matter what happens, you will be remembered and loved.
If dissent is patriotic, sunlight on secrets that undermine democracy even more so. Thanks for revealing information that needed to see the light of day. -Lee
Thanks for your courage and your real human decency! Your actions speak louder than any words ever can. -Patrick
Dear Ed, thank you for putting your life on the line for "We the People". I don't think I deserved this at the time, but thanks in part to you I am awakened and will try everyday to earn what you lost because of me. Thank you, honor and respect Warrior.
Edward Snowden is one of the bravest, most selfless people I know. He exposed the CIA knowing he'd have to leave his comfortable life and girlfriend, and flee for his life.
Any whistle blower who exposes illegal activities is a hero not a criminal. -Ruby
Thanks for your great work! I am extremely grateful for the courage you showed and how it affected America for the better!!! Thank you!!! -Andy
Thanks for the warning and reminding me of threat to my human rights. You deserve to come home and enjoy the rights you so cherish. -Guadalupe
Thank You for standing up for what is right in this world. they say that whistle blowers for protected but obviously they are not. Hang tough as your support grows. -Chris
Making everyone aware of the truth by providing factual information is the only way to force people to believe what's actually going on. Thank you for your brave act. -Tiffany
You are a true hero! What you have done is worth more then all the money in the world. We love you! -Sandra
Thank you for your selfless sacrifice for our Constitution of these United States, that we may know the truth. - Cheri
Please pardon Edward Snowden! Jeanine
We want you to come home, but more important is that you remain safe.
I value privacy when communicating with the people I love and with which I work and organize social movements. Thank you Ed! -Sara
Thank you, Edward Snowden, for taking the stand and risk you have taken on my behalf and on the behalf of the rest of America. -Saunnie
Edward Snowden should be pardoned for the truth he has revealed, at great peril to himself.
Snowden is a hero of mine. He should be pardoned. -Sharon
It was an extraordinary act of bravery to expose government malfeasance.
Mr. President please pardon Edward Snowden ASAP. -Nate
I just wanted to say thank you for exposing the unconstitutional use of spying by criminal forces within the U.S. government.
You did the right thing. You are not the criminal, the government who arrested and imprisoned you are the criminals trying to do whatever they want and punishing people like you who want their government to be transparent and respectable.
Ed you already saved us. -Ken
Thank you Edward Snowden for sacrificing so much for the good of the American public. Citizens have to right to know about the things that directly involve them even if the government would rather keep them blind. Your courage has inspired, and continues to inspire, others to take a stand. Those who support the #PardonSnowden campaign look forward to the day when Edward Snowden finally gets the recognition he deserves as an American hero. - Jeffrey
Please pardon Snowden. He shared what our government was doing. This needed to be shared and was a huge public service. -Cindy
Snowden is a Hero. He deserves Nobel for awakening America. - Bill
You are a true American hero and patriot! Thank you for opening our eyes! -Shawna
It took tremendous courage to follow your conscience the way you did, to educate Americans about their loss of their rights. We are in your debt, and I hope Obama does the right thing and pardons you and the other truth tellers before he leaves office. Thank you for your courage and integrity. I wish you peace, love, freedom and good health always. -Dave
You are a true patriot, and a hero, because it takes a hero to place himself at risk to get the truth out, to knowingly risk your freedom for ours. Thank you, son, This grandmother is proud of you. -Kathy
I hope you receive a full pardon and/or immunity to prosecution. You have many friends working on your behalf to help you get home again. Thank you for your heroism. -Katherine
Edward Snowden should be pardoned immediately! Without his (very brave) action, we might still be in the dark about how much US citizen privacy was compromised. Whistleblowers like Ed should be rewarded, not punished for bringing important information to light! -Katherine
Im not sure why I spent 20 years in American Schools learning about the sacredness of our Constitution and the intrinsic nature of Freedom, to watch the 2 parties destroy it, and dismantle all of our guaranteed rights.
What you have done was very brave and selfless and I thank you. -Michele
Thank You Mr Snowden! I am praying for you to come home.
Thank you, Ed, for your courage and for being true to yourself. -Dorothy
I support you because you exposed how difficult it can be to question state power. In this country, the state should not feel threatened by an insistence on individual rights. It's curious: that state power continues to antagonize you, and the longer it does so, the brighter your principled stance becomes and the poorer it reflects upon the state itself. -Timothy
Thank you for shedding light on shady practices.
If Obama wants to really make a statement of doing something right and within his power he will pardon this man. -Patricia
Our government is founded on princples of transparency and Edward Snowden was doing his civic duty by alerting the American citizens. -Caleb
Ed was the canary in the coal mine. He should be pardoned, not persecuted! -Jim
Thank you Mr. Snowden for all your sacrifices in making us aware of government intrusion. Many of us support you! -Mark
You gave up a lot and it took great courage to do so. -Linda
Thanks for revealing unlawful and unethical surveillance programs and bringing privacy concerns into everyday conversation. -Chris
We need truth speakers, and I admire your courage. -Mary
Thank you for your sacrifice in the name of what's right. -Jonathan
You made an incredibly brave attempt to protect the fundamental rights of private citizens and to make us aware of how our own government agencies have made surveillance targets of us all. We should have treated you as a hero and welcomed you home long ago. -Nancy
I support Snowden for his commitment to public service at mountainous & unjust personal expense. His bravery has inspired so many. -Tess
Dear Ed, you've done us all an incredible service. Stay Gold. Paula Zan
We believe you are a true patriot. How else would we ever discovered all this information, if not for you!
For a transparent government that seeks to heal & help non-violently rather than continue in war. No secrets necessary. Pardon Edward Snowden. -Devin Robinson
I believe Ed Snowden was a courageous hero, not a criminal. Speaking truth to power is an act worthy of praise, not condemnation.
All he did was tell the truth - my hero Edward Snowden!
He has done a service....NOT a disservice. -Steven
Ed did the right thing for the American people. -Shanny
Edward Snowden is a true American hero and patriot, and should be recognized as such. -Peter
Edward Snowden will be remembered as one of the greatest American heroes of our time. Let us treat him as such in the present. -Caitlin
Thank you Edward, for your courage and conviction. You are a true hero. -Michelle
It's absurd to think you should be 'pardoned' for an act which benefits 99% of humankind.
Thank you for your service to country and to the people and your great personal sacrifice. We salute you.
Thank you for risking everything you had to protect US citizens from invasion of privacy from govt. -Ronny
With little concern for yourself, you chose to inform the American people that their government was spying on them. This was an unselfish and courageous act. -Conrad
You made a massive sacrifice for the American people, thank you. -Paul
Thank you, Edward Snowden. May you live well and long, with the knowledge that you did and are doing what's right.
Thank you Edward. Much respect to you for your brave act of truth. Pardon Snowden!
You put your own neck on the line to keep our government in check; this changed the entire public discourse, and we owe you a lot- Tim
Edward Snowden is an American hero. When your government's actions are against the constitution it is your duty to act and Mr Snowden did! -Jacob
Edward Snowden, you are a hero. Not just to the USA but to the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. -Dustin
The country has benefitted tremendously from the information that was revealed, and continues to benefit from the ongoing revelations.You have given up nearly everything to shine lights into corners that have been intentionally left dark, and it is appreciated. -Dolores
You are truly a hero. If only the rest of the American people could see it that way. What you did took an outstanding amount of courage. Thank you so very much.
Thank you for your courage and your powerful example. We stand with you.
History will remember your sacrifice and bravery! Thank you for standing up for the rights and freedom of all people.
On my daughter's behalf, who has to live here longer than I do, THANK YOU Ed for clearing the smoke & breaking the mirrors of our government. - Will
You are a rock star! God bless your heart from the bottom of mine!
While the government lies to us or hides information from us, you did a service to the country. You deserve better.
Truth revealed is truth revealed. Snowden is an American hero for revealing the truth about America. Grant the pardon.
I did not hear about your story until I worked on ACLU projects for HitRecord. I have gotten involved politically and hope to make a further impact toward positive and progressive change in this country. Thank you for having the courage to inform everyone of the injustice that you have witnessed. You are a true patriot.
You are a total badass and a true hero of democracy. Hats off to you - I wish we all had your courage coupled with your eleoquence.
Ed, when I think of you two quotes come to mind, Howard Zinn" need for civil disobedience" and Martin Luther king " comes a time When a moral man can not obey an immoral law." Worlds a better place because of your actions. Fighting to bring you home, David Brown, Maine
Snowden is a courageous patriot who took a principled stand. We owe you and other whistle blowers our thanks for bringing an end to Orwellian eavesdropping.
I have supported your efforts since the day I heard about your heroic act of revelation. Thank you for all you've done. I will do all I can to help you continue to speak the truth and to help humanity.
Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden need to be protected, not prosecuted, by our government. Asking him to return to the US before achieving a pardon is unrealistic as our government tends to prosecute first and foremost.
Edward Snowden exposed some of the excesses of our government, and should be pardoned and welcomed home for the Whistleblowing actions he did.
You stood up for what was right even though you knew you'd pay dearly for it. You are an American hero. -Jeff
I had a presidential sign on my car for many months it read: Snowden and Manning, 2016.
Ed Snowdon did a thing that required great courage and commitment to transparency. The proof of it's value is that practices have already changed to reflect what he made known to us all.
It took true courage to disclose the abuses our government conducts against its citizens. Thank you for your brave and commendable action. You are an American patriot in every sense of the word. Kind regards, Gene R.
I appreciate so very much what you have done for us. Best wishes to you, Jane
Your courage, sacrifice, and wisdom reminding us all of the great ideals in our Constitution is a great gift. You are a true patriot. -Jodi
Thanks so much for all you've done for everyone around the world. You've really helped ensure people can hold their governments accountable for their actions. We've still got a long way to go, but thanks to you government spying is no longer a conspiracy theory. -Randall
It took such bravery to put yourself at such risk and sacrifice to allow us to learn of the unconstitutional illegal government surveillance, when nothing else worked. -Shari
I think that you made a huge personal sacrifice to make your fellow citizens aware of how our government ignores our right to privacy. My husband is also a whistle-blower, and I understand the cost. -Martha
This man took on great risk purely for the betterment of others, and he deserves to come home. -Logan
You're a hero to me and everyone I know. -Ned
Thank you for being a true patriot, a courageous man, and a model to others who see threats that others will not. -Steve
I sincerely thank you for your act of standing up and speaking out for liberty, even at great sacrifice. -Trent
You are a brave whistle blower, and America appreciates you. -Ron
Whistleblowers need to know that they won't face prosecution. -Marilyn
Thank you on behalf of myself and my family for your courage and patriotism. Godspeed on getting you back home. -Bryant
Please pardon Mr. Snowden. Whistleblowers must be protected. -Jack
You are a patriot, Ed, just like Patrick Henry and Paul Revere. -Nancy
Please pardon Edward Snowden. -Bobbi
Thank you Mr. Snowden for you courageous act and for risking it all for your fellow Americans. -Jektor
Without whistleblowers, we cannot have a democracy! -Linda
You are a true hero! Your courage and action on behalf of humanity, at great risk to your own freedom, is an astounding act of integrity and bravery! -Jill
Ed is my hero! Please pardon!!! -Hanna
Thank you for helping to make the truth known. We need more people that will stand up for the truth. -Andy
Edward didn't do any wrong. He showed what was wrong. -Joseph
Thank you, Ed, for all your courage and hard work. We need more people like you. -Joe
Edward Snowden is an American Hero! Because of his brave actions the American people do not live in the darkness of secrecy. -Noreen
Thank you so much for your sacrifices in order to inform us of how the government is operating! -Matt
Thank you Edward, for standing up for our personal privacy. The government has no right to spy on us all, and you took the first step of proving that they are doing it. You are a hero! -Abby
Your actions were heroic and you deserve a medal of honor, not prosecution. -George
Knowledge is power! -Robert
I applauded your courage on day one and I continue to honor your commitment to the American people! Please know your unselfish actions have opened many eyes to the dangers implicit in the lack of respect for the Constitution. -Judith
We need more strong people that will take a stand for the citizens. Thank you for doing that and getting the message out. -Danielle
History will treat you well. Hopefully, so will our next president. -Marcia
I am so appreciative of your sacrifices for all of us. You are an inspiration. I send my encouragement and support to you. -Nancy
Pardon Edward Snowden. -Chris
Thank you for shining the light of truth on corruption at the highest levels!! Pardon Snowden! -Glenn
Since Snowden warned us from the NSA surveillance government practices, We the People have to rally behind him. -Ibrahim
I believe you made a significant and quite heroic contribution and that you should be pardoned by President Obama. -Matthew
Thank you Ed, for having the courage to expose the lies we are living under. You pay the price for this every day. Such integrity is so rare. -Sharon
I believe that your actions, Mr. Snowden, were right and so needed. You deserve to be pardoned. I am on your side! -Judith
You are a HERO to me! -Mike
I'm trying to get words together to say how much it means that you put your life on the line for your country. I think about you everyday with gratitude, and wish I had some way to show that to you. Let me know if there is something I can do for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For me, my children and grandchildren. With all the greatest positive energy I can send, love. -Judie
Your courageous decision, risking the very quality of your life, and your personal freedom to live in your own country without threat of persecution and imprisonment, merits the thanks of all who understand the full meaning of privacy as an essential part of our own personal development.
Snowden is the courageous voice that shined light on government overreach that impacts all of us. He sought no personal gain. He should be allowed to come home and resume his life. -John
Edward Snowden I support you and appreciate your courage in alerting the American people to the illegal spying being done by our government. -Kirby
Those who abuse their position of power rely on apathy and silence. Thanks for refusing to stay silent. Thanks for your selfless act of courage. -Siamack
Thank you for exposing the truth and doing so at great personal risk. -Judy
In these dark times, you are one of the shining lights. Privacy is vital for our sanity and to prevent constant Watergate type subversion of our democracy. Thank you! -Melanie
Ed is A True American hero. More Americans witnessing the unconstitutional use of power by the government need to denounce it. -Pedro
Right On! You're a brave & good person. I admire your actions and selflessness. -Gianni
Thank you for risking everything to tell us what was happening, so we can have the chance to save our privacy and choose freedom. -Sarah
You deserve a medal and the sincere thanks of our entire nation. -Robert
Thank you Ed for sacrificing yourself for the greater good, you're the hero of the American people_. -Dane
I think you are a brave person who did the right think even though you knew it would create a lot of problems for you. We need more such citizens. -Judith
Pardon Edward Snowden. -Peter
Edward Snowden is a hero and should be pardoned - not condemned. -Nadine
You are an amazing person, and I really hope you have given future whistleblowers the courage to come out and speak truth to power.Thank you for all you have done! -Nick
Come home Buddy. -Alexander
Thank you Edward Snowden for giving us the people the knowledge we deserved! -Matt
I think you are very courageous and knowledgable. We need more people like you! I hope you get to come home soon. -Carol
You exposed the government spying on us at great risk to yourself. Thank you for your sacrifice. -Tom
You are my hero Edward. Thanks so much for your bravery and sacrifice. I wish we has more citizens like you. -Janet
You made a huge sacrifice, and I hope the American people prove themselves worthy of this sacrifice. -Careen
Thank you for whistleblowing and for all the helpful information since then. -Diana
It is vital to have people with all points of view and the strength to take careful, non-violent action if they feel strongly that not to do so would leave our country in danger, moral and otherwise. Nothing Mr. Snowden did has hurt anyone or anything, except maybe some IT or top brass pride. We can accept that as long as good was done, which we all have to admit it was. Snowden by his action highlighted that we are in danger of becoming a people who literally don't know what's going on in our name. He should be pardoned and even thanked. -Joy
I'm very deeply grateful for your willingness to stand up to the very powerful even when it means giving up your own freedom. -D.L.
You have righted a wrong that has been plaguing us for many decades; insidious spying on us in one form or another. I admire your courage in exposing this scourge on society! We need more people like you in this world! -Leslie
Thank you so much for your acts of courage and principled dedication to calling the alarm about the need to protect American citizens' right to know of government surveillance. We all owe you a debt of gratitude. I hope that President Obama issues you a pardon. -Amy
Thank you for doing what you did. I understand it was a difficult decision for you to make. It took courage. You should be pardoned. -Ruth
Thank you so very much for your acts of true patriotism. You have done us the tremendous service of opening windows to truths we would never have known without you. You have opened our eyes and it is now our responsibility to use the knowledge gained to think clearly and act bravely, following your example. -Alma
As Mark Twain said, "Patriotism is defending your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." Best wishes and hopes for a future pardon. -Meryle
Thanks for using your integrity for the good of us all. You're very brave and not bad looking either. -Mike
You have done exactly what we asked the people of Germany to do in the 1930s and 1940s. Americans claim that every citizen is responsible for doing the right thing, regardless of what the law says. You have done just that. We owe you an enormous debt of gratitude. -Robert
Your fearless "tell it like it is" is deeply & widely appreciated. Your uncompromising perseverance is a force of good on the planet. I hold you in my heart. Be well, carry on. -Liz
Edward Snowden is proof that one person can bring a better life to many. All people, whether they agree with him or not, are living in a more transparent and knowledgeable world because of his actions. He inspires me to act and know that I as one person can make other lives better. -Zach
I'm really grateful for what you did - a truly heroic action. Thanks. -Nick
Thank you for risking your life and suffering to expose the corruption and cover up in government. -James
Thank you for taking such bold and courageous steps to reveal the extent to which our government has access to everything about our lives. Sacrifices like yours are what it will take from each of us in the years ahead to restore and protect democracy for future generations. -Denise
Ed did the right thing. He should be pardoned. -Doreen
You are a hero and a true patriot. You give me hope for the future of this country and this world. Thank you! -Trent
Thank you, for honoring your life and ours, by allowing the truth to be revealed! -Lori
Edward Snowden should be admired for his courage and service to our country. He should not be punished for judging that his participation in what his agency was doing was unconstitutional and for acting on the belief that his action was patriotic. -Eric
An American hero, a person of conscience with the courage to follow his heart. America owes a great debt to Edward Snowden for his bravery. -Joseph
You are my hero, Ed! And you're HOT! :) No one in my social circles believed me when I told them about the extent of government spying that I learned about just by reading fairly mainstream news sources. They thought I was a tin-foil-hat paranoiac. Now I am a steel-hat paranoiac. We need more techs who understand and respect the original U.S. Constitution and have a conscience and a heart. -Irascible Kitty
I support Edward Snowden because Americans have a right to know about violations of privacy, and no one should be discouraged from exposing abuses of power wherever they occur. -Allison
Thank you for your courageous and selfless actions to inform the public about how vulnerable our democracy is to secret layers of bureaucrats betraying our Bill of Rights. -Ben
I just want you to know that I'm one of millions of people who are on your side and are supporting you. I'm hoping that Obama pardons you, but even if he doesn't, you must know by now that your efforts were worth what you're going through now. I hope that someday you can come home again and live a normal life. We need whistle-blowers like you because our government has become so corrupt that it's unrecognizable. My best to you and Lindsay. -Susan
Part of the freedom and responsibility of being an American is being able to voice when abuses and unfairness are taking place. Thank you for being a good American! -Pam
You rock! Thank you for your courage. :) What you are doing is hard and means a lot to me. I send you hugs from Oregon. -Vivianne
When did telling the truth to protect the American people become a bad thing? Thank you for listening to your inner voice, acting on it, and for making the right choice for America. Thank you, Ed!
Never forget that MOST Americans applaud what you did and are sorry that you have had to spend this part of your life in Russia.
I can only wish that our government will one day get rid of the old boys club and let you return here if that is your wish.
Thanks to you we are all more empowered with knowledge of our government's intrusions. Thank you for your sacrifice. -Susan
I support Edward Snowden and his act of conscience. -Carolyn
In these trying times, we need more people to stand up for what they believe in. To young and old, you are the example of a true American patriot.
Thank you for being a courageous American. I am hoping that you are pardoned soon. -Judy
We should not be punishing people who risk everything to tell the truth! Please pardon Snowden!! -Sue
Thanks for trying to make the world a better place and I am just so sorry you aren't free to live your life as you deserve (yet). -Jeanne
Being patriotic is knowing when to blow the whistle and when to sit back. Snowden is an excellent role model for all. -Susie
Edward Snowden did his country an in incredible service of heroism and patriotism, at great personal risk and cost, to let his countrymen know that our government was breaking the law by spying illegally on its citizens. -Fred
I support Edward Snowden because he's an American hero that deserves basic human rights and a warm welcome home. Snowden is one of the many Americans that are trying to protect our fragile republic by exposing our government's overreaching power. -Thai An
I appreciate with all my heart the courage and actions you employed to make the world aware of the illegal practices of my government. -Suzan
People that disclose illegal action on the part of the government are not criminals. -Ken
Your actions are an inspiration to people who believe that privacy is essential to democracy, and that only through courage are our rights are maintained. -Nathan
Stop the slippery slope of ever increasing 'Big Brother' surveillance - Free Snowden. -Philippe
We support you. All the best. -Marjorie Xavier
Thank you for being one of the few people in our government who kept his loyalty to the people! Forrest O'Reilly
The truth is our most valuable asset. Knowledge or the spread of, should never be punished. -Tristan
We need more leaders like Edward Snowden. -Alina
Thanks for making us aware of surveillance in our lives. Hope you get the pardon you deserve. -Fernando
I think Edward Swowden is a hero and should be pardoned. -Dennis
You exposed the wrong doing that had been going on for far too long. I appreciate that. -Margaret
Thank you for speaking out against the wrongful surveillance of society & for sacrificing your freedom & lifestyle for us. -Lisa
It took tremendous courage and conviction to risk yourself as you did to expose the NSA abuses of surveillance. -Terri
Lifting the veil of secrecy from our nation's less than honorable activities is critical. -Eugene
A pardon is the only right thing to do! -Gordon
Thanks for delivering the transparency that Obama promised. We are grateful! -Cyrus
Because of what you did, we as a people have our freedoms safeguarded. Hoping and praying for your pardon so you can see your family. -Mike
Thank you so much for what you have done. It was a great sacrifice. You gave us an example of conscience, not the norm these days. -Charles
Ed Snowden opened our eyes. -Diane
You didn't just warn us of the threats posed by enormous government power in the wrong hands - you acted, at great personal risk to deliver that warning. Thanks to you, we're now better prepared to fight for our rights. -Judy
I support this act of conscience because no man should be punished for doing what we've always been told to do: the right thing. -Rasmus
Thank you for having the courage to open my eyes to injustice. Your selfishness and bravery are things to measure myself against. - Kelli
Edward Snowden is an authentic American Hero. -Kerby
Your act of courage may inspire others to blow the whistle on the developing surveillance state in this nation. -Bob
The courage of people like yourself who, at great personal sacrifice, have made significant information available and thereby have shed light on the dangers inherent in the government's lack of transparency, have done us all a great service, for which you should not be punished. -Robert
It's important to protect the rights of whistle blowers that reveal the deep corruption of governments around the world. Thank you for all you have done to make us aware. -Bill
I agree he should be pardoned. The government misled us. -Andrew
You are a true hero and have given us far more than we seem to deserve. -Meg
Ed is not forgotten and will never be forgotten. I am sure that there will be others like him who will say "no!" to living in a closed society. We all have rights and so does he!
Mr. Snowden, Please stay strong. Sending you positive vibes and wishes. You are a true patriot.
I am grateful for you, Edward, and proud of your accomplishments.
I fully support Mr Snowden for what he did and there's millions more who feel the same way and he should be pardoned for doing the right thing.
Thanks for your honesty and sacrifice. You are helping to avoid a backslide of our rights. We want a full unconditional pardon for you, you are a patriot of the top level.
I support the TRUTH TELLER, in the long history of those who would dissemble, those who subvert our government - Without the whistle-blowers how could we ever know.
I think you're a hero .Thank you for your service to the people
We need to reward truth tellers and whistleblowers not criminalize them and put them behind bars. Thank you for your service Mr. Snowden, you are a hero!
I saw the movie "Snowden" and my heart ached for the difficult decision he had to make. I think the people of this country would welcome him home with open arms
Hang in there, Ed. Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice. You did the right thing. Your nation supports you although many may be afraid to say so. History is on your side.
Pardon Edward Snowden - the man who exposed the worst aspects of our government! The barefaced lies that all branches lied to us about. Edward Snowden is a HERO.
Pardon Snowden. He cares enough to do the right thing. We owe him a debt of gratitude.
You stood up for the American people's democracy. Thank You .
Dear Edward; Just a note to thank you for your bravery and for the sacrifices you have made in order to expose the sinister actions of our government against their own people.
You're a patriot. We need more like you to pull the veil off illegal activities carried out in the name of our "security".
I absolutely support Ed Snowden....I'm 84 years old - and I have seen suppression by many presidents including presidents I voted for.
Thank you for your sacrifices in the interest of integrity and transparency
Edward Snowden is an American people's patriot. He should be celebrated and not persecuted. Let's bring Snowden home.
Thank you for your sacrifice, the truth and your patriotism! I pray you are released soon. _
I can't thank you enough for the sacrifices you've made, Edward. After everything you've revealed about American surveillance, you deserve to come home with a hero's welcome. Stay safe.
Please celebrate America's biggest whistleblower by pardoning him!
Thank you Edward for risking your life to make people aware of the violation of privacy! I hope the very best for you! You are loved! Tricia
Thank you, Ed Snowden, for warning us about govt overreach. True Patriot.
I absolutely stand with you! Edward Snowden, you ARE a HERO! Pray for your freedom, brother
So much you have done for the all the people of the world . We thank you and hope you will get your full freedom.
Edward Snowden has done the world a great service. He needs to be pardoned.
Pardon this true patriot. Please.
This USA veteran has the greatest respect for you, Mr. Snowden!
I so appreciate your insight into the political reality that we now face in America. You are a hero
Pardon Edward Snowden and bring this American Hero home President Obama!! -Curtis
We thank you for your service to humanity! We will work to get you pardoned! -Nanette
You are a rare unselfish person and I am sorry you have to suffer for being truthful and honest as to what our government is doing. You are always in my heart.
From Anchorage, Alaska. I am behind you Edward, until my last dying breath. -Herb
Thank you for risking everything to bring to light the truth! You are a true patriot of this country and millions of us stand with you! -Colleen
Mr. Snowden, I am one of the many who support and applaud your brave action, and appreciate the work you continue to do to make the world safer for all of us.
Keep up the good work, just watched Citizenfour today too. You are a big asset to democracy, be well and wishing you the best. -Frank
If only we had more brave souls like Edward, who was willing to sacrifice his freedom in order that we all could know the truth. -Jennifer
You are a brilliant, strong, moral hero. I have so much respect for you and your brave stance against corruption in our government and it's rogue agencies...thank you so much, Christine L. NJ
You are my hero. I am so proud of you. -Tom
I support Edward Snowden. I want all charges dropped and I want him home. Our government was caught in illegal acts. -Valerie
True Freedom requires transparency of information. Those who want true freedom must support a willingness of government to be honest and transparent in all dealings. -Jer
I thank Edward Snowden for confirming and validating my previous allegations. -Richard
Thank YOU! For exposing the mass surveillance we are under, risking your own safety and life so the world may know some truth.... I salute your courage. -Alpana
Edward Snowden has contributed more to governmental transparency than any politician claiming to represent the people. -Jared
I support Edward Snowden and believe he should be honored as a hero to the American public. Please pardon Snowden. -Nancy
I think Edward Snowden is a genuine American hero - we are all in his debt for bringing to our attention just how much power our government assumes without our consent. -Peter
Thank you for making the courageous choice to share truth to the world. Hopefully, you will be recognized for the contribution you have made to a more just world. -Bernadette
Snowden made the truth visible and enabled the system to work. Without truth, there is no balance of power and our system breaks! -Jennifer
Truth and honesty in government cannot happen without some kind of oversight. What's truly his crime? Honesty, integrity? -Ronald
Snowden is a hero and should be honored as such
Ed, you did the right thing and no matter what happens that is meaningful. You deserve to come home. -Aubrey
We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men have the right of privacy. Rebel against injustice. -Sven
It takes a true patriot to sacrifice his freedom for the benefit of his fellow citizens. Thanks Ed. -Cory
A true American hero who put his personal safety behind his honorable intention to expose the truth of mass surveillance. - Sheila
To truly believe the good things that governmentt can do we must first be aware of all the bad things and correct them. Thanks Ed. -Jim
Very few in history who are willing to make the world a better place when they know they 're in trouble. -Sven
You're a hero who exposed unconstitutional wrongdoing and don't deserve to be in exile. -Rachel
As an American I know our founding fathers would be proud of you; thank you for upholding our Constitution. -David
I thank Edward Snowden for his work for freedom. -Gary
Thank you for your courage and integrity Snowden. We owe you a great debt. -Mitra.
Snowden is a true American hero making the tough choice and waking us up about privacy. -Cameron
Thank you for the consciousness raising done at great personal harm. May humanity be uplifted. -Jesus
Thank you for being one of the best and brightest intellects of this generation, Snowden! -Liz
For valuing truth and information in this growing period of confidential decision making. - Boris
Dude is a hero. -Jesse
Thank you for having the courage to speak truth to power, and for your incredible sacrifice on our behalf. You are a hero. -Joe
With a family background part German and part Swiss
Edward Snowden is a true patriot. -Richard
It's obvious to me that you are a genuine hero. The mainstream media points this out as they work soooo hard to discredit you. You have given so much for so many! Warm thoughts to you my friend!
The information you, Ed Snowden, released was an important contribution to freedom of speech. Thank you Ed. -Earnest
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